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QueueClient.PrefetchCount Property


Prefetch speeds up the message flow by aiming to have a message readily available for local retrieval when and before the application asks for one using Receive. Setting a non-zero value prefetches PrefetchCount number of messages. Setting the value to zero turns prefetch off. Defaults to 0.

public int PrefetchCount { get; set; }
member this.PrefetchCount : int with get, set
Public Property PrefetchCount As Integer

Property Value



When Prefetch is enabled, the client will quietly acquire more messages, up to the PrefetchCount limit, than what the application immediately asks for. The message pump will therefore acquire a message for immediate consumption that will be returned as soon as available, and the client will proceed to acquire further messages to fill the prefetch buffer in the background.

While messages are available in the prefetch buffer, any subsequent ReceiveAsync calls will be immediately satisfied from the buffer, and the buffer is replenished in the background as space becomes available.If there are no messages available for delivery, the receive operation will drain the buffer and then wait or block as expected.

Updates to this value take effect on the next receive call to the service.

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