BlobRequestOptions.RequireEncryption Property


Gets or sets a value to indicate whether data written and read by the client library should be encrypted.

public bool? RequireEncryption { get; set; }
member this.RequireEncryption : Nullable<bool> with get, set
Public Property RequireEncryption As Nullable(Of Boolean)

Property Value


Use true to specify that data should be encrypted/decrypted for all transactions; otherwise, false.



// Instruct the client library to fail if data read from the service is not encrypted.
BlobRequestOptions requireEncryptionRequestOptions = new BlobRequestOptions() { RequireEncryption = true };

byteCount = blob.DownloadToByteArray(destinationArray, index: 0, accessCondition: null, options: requireEncryptionRequestOptions);


RequireEncryption here refers to Client-Side Encryption. If this value is set to true, all calls will fail if the data is not encrypted/decrypted with an encryption policy. If this value is false (the default), any data being downloaded that is not encrypted will be returned as-is.

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