IBotTelemetryClient Interface


Describes a logging client for bot telemetry.

public interface IBotTelemetryClient
type IBotTelemetryClient = interface
Public Interface IBotTelemetryClient



Flushes the in-memory buffer and any metrics being pre-aggregated.

TrackAvailability(String, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, String, Boolean, String, IDictionary<String,String>, IDictionary<String,Double>)

Send information about availability of an application.

TrackDependency(String, String, String, String, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, String, Boolean)

Send information about an external dependency (outgoing call) in the application.

TrackEvent(String, IDictionary<String,String>, IDictionary<String,Double>)

Logs custom events with extensible named fields.

TrackException(Exception, IDictionary<String,String>, IDictionary<String,Double>)

Logs a system exception.

TrackTrace(String, Severity, IDictionary<String,String>)

Send a trace message.

Extension Methods

TrackDialogView(IBotTelemetryClient, String, IDictionary<String,String>, IDictionary<String,Double>)

Log a DialogView using the TrackPageView method on the IBotTelemetryClient if IBotPageViewTelemetryClient has been implemented. Alternatively log the information out via TrackTrace.

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