VisualStudioVersion Enum


Used to specify the version of Visual Studio from which to select associated tools for some methods of ToolLocationHelper

public enum class VisualStudioVersion
public enum VisualStudioVersion
type VisualStudioVersion = 
Public Enum VisualStudioVersion


Version100 0

Visual Studio 2010 (Dev10) and SP1

Version110 1

Visual Studio 2012 (Dev11)

Version120 2

Visual Studio 2013 (Dev12)

Version140 3

Visual Studio 2015 (Dev14)

Version150 4

Visual Studio 2017 (Dev15)

Version160 5

Visual Studio 2019 (Dev16)

Version170 6

Visual Studio 2022 (Dev17)

VersionLatest 1

The latest version available at the time of release

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