Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.FindSymbols Namespace



Represents a single result of the call to the synchronous IFindReferencesService.FindReferences method. Finding the references to a symbol will result in a set of definitions being returned (containing at least the symbol requested) as well as any references to those definitions in the source. Multiple definitions may be found due to how C# and VB allow a symbol to be both a definition and a reference at the same time (for example, a method which implements an interface method).




Information about a reference to a symbol.


Contains information about a call from one symbol to another. The symbol making the call is stored in CallingSymbol and the symbol that the call was made to is stored in CalledSymbol. Whether or not the call is direct or indirect is also stored. A direct call is a call that does not go through any other symbols in the inheritance hierarchy of CalledSymbol, while an indirect call does go through the inheritance hierarchy. For example, calls through a base member that this symbol overrides, or through an interface member that this symbol implements will be considered 'indirect'.



Reports the progress of the FindReferences operation. Note: these methods may be called on any thread.