SymbolKind Enum


Specifies the possible kinds of symbols.

public enum class SymbolKind
public enum SymbolKind
type SymbolKind = 
Public Enum SymbolKind


Alias 0

Symbol is an alias.

ArrayType 1

Symbol is an array type.

Assembly 2

Symbol is an assembly.

Discard 19

Symbol represents a value that is discarded, e.g. in M(out _)

DynamicType 3

Symbol is a dynamic type.

ErrorType 4

Symbol that represents an error

Event 5

Symbol is an Event.

Field 6

Symbol is a field.

FunctionPointerType 20

Symbol represents a function pointer type

Label 7

Symbol is a label.

Local 8

Symbol is a local.

Method 9

Symbol is a method.

NamedType 11

Symbol is a named type (e.g. class).

Namespace 12

Symbol is a namespace.

NetModule 10

Symbol is a netmodule.

Parameter 13

Symbol is a parameter.

PointerType 14

Symbol is a pointer type.

Preprocessing 18

Symbol is a preprocessing/conditional compilation constant.

Property 15

Symbol is a property.

RangeVariable 16

Symbol is a range variable of a query expression.

TypeParameter 17

Symbol is a type parameter.

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