DbContext.OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder) Method


Override this method to further configure the model that was discovered by convention from the entity types exposed in DbSet<TEntity> properties on your derived context. The resulting model may be cached and re-used for subsequent instances of your derived context.

protected internal virtual void OnModelCreating (Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ModelBuilder modelBuilder);
abstract member OnModelCreating : Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ModelBuilder -> unit
override this.OnModelCreating : Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ModelBuilder -> unit
Protected Friend Overridable Sub OnModelCreating (modelBuilder As ModelBuilder)



The builder being used to construct the model for this context. Databases (and other extensions) typically define extension methods on this object that allow you to configure aspects of the model that are specific to a given database.


If a model is explicitly set on the options for this context (via UseModel(IModel)) then this method will not be run. However, it will still run when creating a compiled model.

See Modeling entity types and relationships for more information and examples.

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