ITypeMappingSource Interface


The core type mapping source. Type mappings describe how a provider maps CLR types/values to database types/values.

This type is typically used by database providers (and other extensions). It is generally not used in application code.

Warning: do not implement this interface directly. Instead, derive from TypeMappingSourceBase for non-relational providers, or 'RelationalTypeMappingSource' for relational providers.

public interface ITypeMappingSource
type ITypeMappingSource = interface
Public Interface ITypeMappingSource


The service lifetime is Singleton. This means a single instance is used by many DbContext instances. The implementation must be thread-safe. This service cannot depend on services registered as Scoped.

See Implementation of database providers and extensions for more information and examples.



Finds the type mapping for a given IProperty.


Finds the type mapping for a given MemberInfo representing a field or a property of a CLR type.


Finds the type mapping for a given Type.

FindMapping(Type, IModel)

Finds the type mapping for a given Type, taking pre-convention configuration into the account.

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