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ServiceStatus Enum


Specifies the status of the service.

public enum class ServiceStatus
public enum ServiceStatus
Public Enum ServiceStatus


ExtendedRecovery 3

Incident resolution is in progress and will take a while to be completed. (3)

FalsePositive 6

Service investigation determined that a service incident did not occur. (6)

InformationUnavailable 8

The API could not process the request for information. (8)

Investigating 4

Service incident investigation is in progress. (4)

PIRPublished 7

The post-incident report has been published. (7)

RestoringService 2

Incident resolution is in progress. (2)

ServiceDegradation 1

Service operation is temporarily degraded for some customers. (1)

ServiceInterruption 0

Service is temporarily not available for some customers. (0)

ServiceOperational 99

Service is healthy. (99)

ServiceRestored 5

The service incident is resolved and service is operational for all customers. (5)

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