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LogLevel Enum


Defines logging severity levels.

public enum class LogLevel
public enum LogLevel
type LogLevel = 
Public Enum LogLevel


Critical 5

Logs that describe an unrecoverable application or system crash, or a catastrophic failure that requires immediate attention.

Debug 1

Logs that are used for interactive investigation during development. These logs should primarily contain information useful for debugging and have no long-term value.

Error 4

Logs that highlight when the current flow of execution is stopped due to a failure. These should indicate a failure in the current activity, not an application-wide failure.

Information 2

Logs that track the general flow of the application. These logs should have long-term value.

None 6

Not used for writing log messages. Specifies that a logging category should not write any messages.

Trace 0

Logs that contain the most detailed messages. These messages may contain sensitive application data. These messages are disabled by default and should never be enabled in a production environment.

Warning 3

Logs that highlight an abnormal or unexpected event in the application flow, but do not otherwise cause the application execution to stop.

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