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IContextualFeatureFilter<TContext> Interface


A filter that can be used to determine whether some criteria is met to enable a feature. A feature filter is free to use any criteria available, such as process state or request content. Feature filters can be registered for a given feature and if any feature filter evaluates to true, that feature will be considered enabled. A contextual feature filter can take advantage of contextual data passed in from callers of the feature management system. A contextual feature filter will only be executed if a context that is assignable from TContext is available.

public interface IContextualFeatureFilter<TContext> : Microsoft.FeatureManagement.IFeatureFilterMetadata
type IContextualFeatureFilter<'Context> = interface
    interface IFeatureFilterMetadata
Public Interface IContextualFeatureFilter(Of TContext)
Implements IFeatureFilterMetadata

Type Parameters



EvaluateAsync(FeatureFilterEvaluationContext, TContext)

Evaluates the feature filter to see if the filter's criteria for being enabled has been satisfied.

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