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PowerThermalNotification Class


Main class for PowerThermalNotification usage. Use this to get an instance of the class and subscribe to notification events as well as request to suppress any platform mitigations

public class PowerThermalNotification
type PowerThermalNotification = class
Public Class PowerThermalNotification



This property contains the superset of peripherals that are to receive notification events. You must set this to a non-empty value AND PowerThermalMitigationLevelChanged in order to receive events. Events will fire when there are power-thermal changes to any of the PeripheralsOfInterest.


This property reflects requests from this process to suppress any platform mitigations related to the set peripherals. Setting to zero (default) means that no actions are suppressed by this process. Non-zero values will only take effect if the given process is running in the foreground.



This should be used to obtain an instance of the class for the current process. Each process can have a singular instance.


Use this to poll the latest information for the provided peripheral. Providing more than one flag will cause this to throw an exception


This function returns true if events can be registered for at least one of the provided peripherals. This means that both the system supports PowerThermalNotification events AND that it supports one of the provided peripheral bits.

SuppressPlatformMitigation(PowerThermalPeripheralFlags, Boolean)

This function is another way to change the suppressed peripheral flags. Use this to set or clear a mask of peripherals to be suppressed. As is with setting the property directly, suppression only takes effect if this process is in the foreground.



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