RotationHandles Class


Rotation handles for BoundsControl that are used for rotating the Gameobject BoundsControl is attached to with near or far interaction

public ref class RotationHandles : Microsoft::MixedReality::Toolkit::UI::BoundsControl::PerAxisHandles
public class RotationHandles : Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.UI.BoundsControl.PerAxisHandles
type RotationHandles = class
    inherit PerAxisHandles
Public Class RotationHandles
Inherits PerAxisHandles


config (Inherited from PerAxisHandles)
handles (Inherited from HandlesBase)
objectsChangedEvent (Inherited from HandlesBase)
visualsName (Inherited from HandlesBase)



Configuration defining the handle behavior.

(Inherited from PerAxisHandles)

This description is used as the name (followed by an index) for the handle gameobject. Can be used to search the rigroot tree to find a specific handle by name


Cached handle positions - we keep track of handle positions in this array in case we have to reload the handles due to configuration changes.

(Inherited from PerAxisHandles)
Handles (Inherited from HandlesBase)
IsActive (Inherited from PerAxisHandles)


ForEachProximityObject(Action<Transform>) (Inherited from HandlesBase)
GetBaseMaterial() (Inherited from HandlesBase)
GetHighlightedMaterial() (Inherited from HandlesBase)
GetObjectSize() (Inherited from HandlesBase)

Provide the rotation alignment for a handle. This method will be called when creating the handles.

GetVisual(Transform) (Inherited from PerAxisHandles)
RecreateVisuals() (Inherited from PerAxisHandles)
ResetHandles() (Inherited from HandlesBase)
UpdateBaseMaterial() (Inherited from HandlesBase)
UpdateColliderBounds() (Inherited from HandlesBase)
UpdateColliderBounds(Transform, Vector3) (Inherited from PerAxisHandles)
UpdateGrabbedMaterial() (Inherited from HandlesBase)
UpdateHandles() (Inherited from PerAxisHandles)

Explicit Interface Implementations

IProximityEffectObjectProvider.ProximityObjectsChanged (Inherited from HandlesBase)

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