WdContentControlType Enum


Indicates the type of content control.

public enum class WdContentControlType
public enum WdContentControlType
type WdContentControlType = 
Public Enum WdContentControlType


wdContentControlBuildingBlockGallery 5

Specifies a building block gallery content control.

wdContentControlCheckBox 8

Specifies a checkbox content control.

wdContentControlComboBox 3

Specifies a combo box content control.

wdContentControlDate 6

Specifies a date content control.

wdContentControlDropdownList 4

Specifies a drop-down list content control.

wdContentControlGroup 7

Specifies a group content control.

wdContentControlPicture 2

Specifies a picture content control.

wdContentControlRepeatingSection 9

Specifies a repeating section content control.

wdContentControlRichText 0

Specifies a rich-text content control.

wdContentControlText 1

Specifies a text content control


Use the T:Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.WdContentControlType constants to create new content controls using the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ContentControls.Add method of the ContentControls collection, or use it to determine the type of an existing content control or to change a content control to another type by using the Type property of the ContentControl object.

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