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OperatingSystemSKU Enum


Indicates the operating system Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

public enum class OperatingSystemSKU
public enum class OperatingSystemSKU
enum OperatingSystemSKU
public enum OperatingSystemSKU
type OperatingSystemSKU = 
Public Enum OperatingSystemSKU


BusinessEdition 6

SKU is Business Edition

BusinessNEdition 16

SKU is Business N Edition

ClusterServerEdition 18

SKU is Cluster Server Edition

DatacenterServerCoreEdition 12

SKU is Datacenter Server Core Edition

DatacenterServerEdition 8

SKU is Datacenter Server Edition

EnterpriseEdition 4

SKU is Enterprise Edition

EnterpriseServerCoreEdition 14

SKU is Enterprise Server Core Edition

EnterpriseServerEdition 10

SKU is Enterprise Server Edition

EnterpriseServerIA64Edition 15

SKU is Enterprise Server IA64 Edition

HomeBasicEdition 2

SKU is Home Basic Edition

HomeBasicNEdition 5

SKU is Home Basic N Edition

HomePremiumEdition 3

SKU is Home Premium Edition

HomeServerEdition 19

SKU is Home Server Edition

MicrosoftHyperVServer 42

SKU is Microsoft Hyper-V Server

ServerForSmallBusinessEdition 24

SKU is Server For Small Business Edition

ServerFoundation 33

SKU is Server Foundation

SmallBusinessServerEdition 9

SKU is Small Business Server Edition

SmallBusinessServerPremiumCore 63

SKU is Small Business Server Premium (core installation)

SmallBusinessServerPremiumEdition 25

SKU is Small Business Server Premium Edition

StandardServerCoreEdition 13

SKU is Standard Server Core Edition

StandardServerEdition 7

SKU is Standard Server Edition

StarterEdition 11

SKU is Starter Edition

StorageEnterpriseServerEdition 23

SKU is Storage Enterprise Server Edition

StorageExpressServerEdition 20

SKU is Storage Express Server Edition

StorageServerEnterpriseCore 46

SKU is Storage Server Enterprise (core installation)

StorageServerExpressCore 43

SKU is Storage Server Express (core installation)

StorageServerStandardCore 44

SKU is Storage Server Standard (core installation)

StorageServerWorkgroupCore 45

SKU is Storage Server Workgroup (core installation)

StorageStandardServerEdition 21

SKU is Storage Standard Server Edition

StorageWorkgroupServerEdition 22

SKU is Storage Workgroup Server Edition

TBD 26

SKU is to be determined

UltimateEdition 1

SKU is Ultimate Edition

Undefined 0

The SKU is undefined

WebServerCore 29

SKU is Web Server (core installation)

WebServerEdition 17

SKU is Web Server Edition

WindowsEmbeddedHandheld 118

SKU is Windows Embedded Handheld

WindowsEmbeddedIndustry 89

SKU is Windows Embedded Industry

WindowsEnterprise 27

SKU is Windows Enterprise

WindowsHome 101

SKU is Windows Home

WindowsHomeServer 34

SKU is Windows Home Server

WindowsIotCore 123

SKU is Windows IoT (Internet of Things) Core

WindowsMobile 104

SKU is Windows Mobile

WindowsProfessionalWithMediaCenter 103

SKU is Windows Professional with Media Center

WindowsRT 97

SKU is Windows RT

WindowsServerDatacenterNoHyperVCore 39

SKU is Windows Server Datacenter without Hyper-V (core installation)

WindowsServerDatacenterNoHyperVFull 37

SKU is Windows Server Datacenter without Hyper-V (full installation)

WindowsServerEnterpriseNoHyperVCore 41

SKU is Windows Server Enterprise without Hyper-V (core installation)

WindowsServerEnterpriseNoHyperVFull 38

SKU is Windows Server Enterprise without Hyper-V (full installation)

WindowsServerHyperCoreV 64

SKU is Windows Server Hyper Core V

WindowsServerStandardNoHyperVCore 40

SKU is Windows Server Standard without Hyper-V (core installation)

WindowsServerStandardNoHyperVFull 36

SKU is Windows Server Standard without Hyper-V

WindowsSmallBusinessServer2011Essentials 50

SKU is Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

WindowsThinPC 87

SKU is Windows Thin PC

WindowsUltimate 28

SKU is Windows Ultimate

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