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Report.Render(String, String) Method


Renders a report in a specific format using the information stored in the properties of the Report object.

 abstract cli::array <Microsoft::ReportingServices::Interfaces::RenderedOutputFile ^> ^ Render(System::String ^ renderFormat, System::String ^ deviceInfo);
public abstract Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces.RenderedOutputFile[] Render (string renderFormat, string deviceInfo);
abstract member Render : string * string -> Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces.RenderedOutputFile[]
Public MustOverride Function Render (renderFormat As String, deviceInfo As String) As RenderedOutputFile()



The name of the format that is used to render the report. The format corresponds to one of the available rendering extensions installed on the report server.


An XML string that defines a list of extension parameters for the rendering extension that is used to format the report so that it can be delivered correctly based on the requirements of the delivery extension.


An array of RenderedOutputFile objects produced by the rendering extension selected in the renderFormat parameter.


The Render method returns an array of one or more RenderedOutputFile objects that together constitute a single rendered report. The first RenderedOutputFile object is the rendered report, whereas any subsequent RenderedOutputFile objects are resources that must be delivered along with the report data (for example, an HTML file and associated images).

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