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EngineVersion Enum


Represents an option specifying what engine version should be set or allowed. Currently this option is only used in operations related to Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

For instance this can be used during export to define the allowed engine version to validate against and whether the features of the database match the capabilities of that engine version.

Similarly when defining creation options for a public TSqlModel in the extensibility APIs, this can be used to define what the expected engine version of the model should be set to.

public enum EngineVersion
type EngineVersion = 
Public Enum EngineVersion


Default 0

Use the default engine version when creating the model.

Latest 1

Use the latest engine version when creating the model. This will always attempt to set the highest supported engine version as the target, and will mean that the model will allow the latest set of T-SQL language features to be supported

V11 2

Version 11

V12 3

Version 12

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