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Adds members to the __VSHPROPID enumeration that defines property identifiers for different aspects of the Visual Studio environment.

public enum class __VSHPROPID4
public enum class __VSHPROPID4
public enum __VSHPROPID4
type __VSHPROPID4 = 
Public Enum __VSHPROPID4


VSHPROPID_AlwaysBuildOnDebugLaunch -2109

BOOL. Indicates whether your project always builds on debug launch (F5) when the “Only build startup projects and dependencies on Run” Tools option is set.Set this property to true in your project hierarchy if you want your project to always build on debug launch in this case. This ensures that your project is built even if your project is not declared as a build dependency of the startup project. This property is a workaround for the fact that currently there is only support for build dependencies (IVsBuildDependency) and not deploy dependencies in the solution build manager. This property will be used rarely in circumstances where you may have a circular set of dependencies involving a combination of build and deploy dependencies between multiple projects (for example, A has a build dependency on B while B has a deploy dependency on A; if B is the startup project, then solution build manager would not realize it needs to build A to satisfy the required deploy dependency when the above mentioned Tools option is set).

VSHPROPID_BuildAction -2107

BSTR. The build action for an item.

VSHPROPID_BuildDependencies -2106

BSTR. A semicolon-delimited list of the projects required to build this project. If this property is not implemented, EnumDependencies(IVsEnumDependencies) will be used.

VSHPROPID_DescriptiveName -2108

BSTR. A more descriptive name of the item. Used to replace the running document table moniker in document windows, tooltips, or other parts of the UI.

VSHPROPID_DesignTimeDependencies -2105

BSTR. A semicolon-delimited list of projects required to support design time features (IntelliSense, form designers, etc.). If this property is not implemented, VSHPROPID_BuildDependencies will be used instead.

VSHPROPID_ExternalItem -2103

BOOL. This item is external to the solution.


The first ID.

VSHPROPID_SupportsAspNetIntegration -2104

BOOL. Set this property to true in your project hierarchy if your web project supports being consumed by Silverlight.

VSHPROPID_TargetFrameworkMoniker -2102

VT_BSTR. The format for the target framework moniker is <Identifier>,Version=<ver>,Profile=<value>, e.g. .NETFramework,Version=v3.5,Profile=Client'.

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