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Specifies property settings for a hierarchy.

public enum class __VSHPROPID5
public enum class __VSHPROPID5
public enum __VSHPROPID5
type __VSHPROPID5 = 
Public Enum __VSHPROPID5


VSHPROPID_AppContainer -2117

When set, indicates the target framework moniker to which the project system should retarget upon its first opportunity. The project is responsible for ensuring the applicability of the framework that is returned. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_DemandLoadDependencies -2121

If true and the project was loaded synchronously, all its dependencies will also be loaded synchronously (the default). If false and the project was loaded synchronously, those of its dependencies that support asynchronous load can be loaded asynchronously. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_FaultMessage -2123

A localized message indicating the reason for a faulted project. This string is used in the fault resolution UI. This property is optional.


Specifies the first property identifier.

VSHPROPID_ForceFrameworkRetarget -2126

Indicates whether the project's output requires running in an app container or not. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_IsFaulted -2122

For project hierarchies, set to true to indicate that the project has encountered an error. Implementations should raise property change events to all IVsHierarchyEvents sinks whenever this value changes. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_IsPackagingProject -2131

BOOL [optional] Indicates whether the output of the project is a package of its content (i.e. a zip file).

VSHPROPID_IsProjectProvisioned -2127

Returns true if an unloaded project is in provisioned state (that is, displayed with "(initializing)" caption). This is implemented only by the stub hierarchy. This property is used when a project that supports Asynchronous Solution Load is loaded in the background. While such projects are loading they are exposed in the Solution as an unloaded project stub. When the background loading project reaches the "provisioned" state, the real project has been created but has not been publicized through the solution load events. Therefore the project IVsHierarchy exposed in the solution project collection (and Solution Explorer) is still the stub hierarchy and not the real project hierarchy. Only basic hierarchy properties are available, such as the project name and icon. When the loading project reaches the provisioned state, the OnAfterProjectProvisioned(IVsHierarchy) event is fired. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_MinimumDesignTimeCompatVersion -2110

Gets or sets the minimum design time compatible version with which this project is compatible. This property is set mostly by calls from the IVsAppCompat service during the addition of a new feature in the project that would break compatibility with a previous version of the application. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_MonikerSameAsPersistFile -2130

Indicates that IVsProject.GetMkDocument() for VSITEMID_ROOT returns the same full path to the project file as IPersistFileFormat::GetCurFile. This is useful when it is more expensive to call GetCurFile due to the need to get the format on-disk.

VSHPROPID_OutputType -2118

The output type for a project, from the __VSPROJOUTPUTTYPE enumeration. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_ProjectCapabilities -2124

A space-delimited list of the project's capabilities. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_ProjectPropertiesDebugPageArg -2132

BSTR or VT_I4 [optional] The argument to be passed to the cmdidProjectProperties command to activate the project's debug page. This property is used by the StartupProjectProperties command to activate the correct debug property page for the startup project.

VSHPROPID_ProjectUnloadStatus -2120

The unload status (UNLOADSTATUS_UnloadedByUser, UNLOADSTATUS_LoadPendingIfNeeded, and so on) from the _VSProjectUnloadStatus enumeration. This is implemented only by the stub hierarchy. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_ProvisionalViewingStatus -2112

The provisional viewing status for the item (from the __VSPROVISIONALVIEWINGSTATUS enumeration). If this property is not supported and the hierarchy implements IVsProject, the provisional viewing status is determined by calling GetProvisionalViewingStatusForFile(String, IVsHierarchy, UInt32, Guid) with the name returned by GetMkDocument(UInt32, String). This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_ReferenceManagerUser -2119

Returns the implementation of IVsReferenceManagerUser for a project. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_RequiresReloadForExternalFileChange -2125

Returns true if the file on disk was not last written by the project and therefore the user should be prompted to reload due to an external change to the file. This property is defined for ITEMID_ROOT. It is expected that this property is only called during a FilesChanged event handler. The expected implementation is for projects to record the timestamp on the project file when the file is saved. Later when this property is requested, the project should compare the current timestamp of the file to the last recorded save timestamp. If they are not equal then return true, otherwise return FALSE (that is, a reload is not required). This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_SupportedOutputTypes -2113

A list of supported output types (specified as values used by the OutputTypeEx project property). This allows a flavor to customize the contents of the output type dropdown in the property pages. This property will be checked first by the property pages, so this property effectively overrides the VSHPROPID_SupportedMyApplicationTypes property used by the Visual Basic property page. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_SupportsCrossRuntimeReferences -2128

Indicates whether a project allows references across runtimes (for example, native to managed). The default is true, so a project must have the property and set it to false in order to block cross-runtime references. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_TargetPlatformIdentifier -2114

The target platform for a project type. Examples are "Windows", "Windows Phone", " Azure", "XBox 360", and "Portable". This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_TargetPlatformVersion -2115

The version of the target platform (for example "8.0"). This property is optional. However, this property is required if VSHPROPID_TargetPlatformIdentifier is provided.

VSHPROPID_TargetRuntime -2116

The runtime the project targets, from the __VSPROJTARGETRUNTIME enumeration. This property is optional.

VSHPROPID_WinMDAssembly -2129

Indicates whether the project produces an assembly (.exe or .dll) with WinMD metadata. If true, it produces an assembly. This property is optional.

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