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IVsOutputWindow Interface


Manages and controls functions specific to the Output tool window that has multiple panes.

public interface class IVsOutputWindow
public interface class IVsOutputWindow
__interface IVsOutputWindow
public interface IVsOutputWindow
public interface IVsOutputWindow
type IVsOutputWindow = interface
type IVsOutputWindow = interface
Public Interface IVsOutputWindow


There are two standard output window panes owned by the environment, the Build output window pane and the General output window pane. The Build output window pane is often used by projects to display build errors and warnings. This pane is created by the SVsSolutionBuildManager service. The pointer or reference to the Build output window pane is passed to the projects as a part of IVsBuildableProjectCfg operations. The General output window is used to display miscellaneous informational messages. The General output window pane can be retrieved by calling QueryService (SID_SVsGeneralOutputWindowPane, IID_IVsOUtputWindowPane) as a global service.

To create your own output window, call CreatePane and pass in the GUID and name of your output window. Every output window pane must have an owner VSPackage that creates the pane using CreatePane.

The output tool window is extensible to hold multiple panes. Any VSPackage can introduce a new pane by adding entries to the registry in the following key:


Each pane is identified by its GUID. The environment owns the lifetime of the pane windows. They are created at startup and destroyed on shutdown. The VSPackage can control whether the pane is visible. By default all panes are visible unless the "InitiallyInvisible = 1" value is specified on the OutputWindow registry entry.

Alternatively, window panes can be created and deleted dynamically with the CreatePane and DeletePane methods.

An example of an output window pane is the Solution Build output window pane. All projects that participate in the build output broadcast messages to this pane.

Notes to Callers

Call this interface through SVsOutputWindow. This interface is implemented by the environment by the OutputWindow tool window.


CreatePane(Guid, String, Int32, Int32)

Creates an output window pane.


Deletes an output window pane.

GetPane(Guid, IVsOutputWindowPane)

Returns an Output window pane, given its identifying GUID.

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