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IVsUIShell5 Interface


Extends the functionality of the IVsUIShell interface by providing access to additional window functionalities.

public interface class IVsUIShell5
public interface class IVsUIShell5
__interface IVsUIShell5
public interface IVsUIShell5
public interface IVsUIShell5
type IVsUIShell5 = interface
type IVsUIShell5 = interface
Public Interface IVsUIShell5


CreateThemedImageList(IntPtr, UInt32)

Creates a themed image list. Themed image lists attempt to transform the images to target a given background. The caller is responsible for calling ImageList_Destroy to delete the image list. NOTE:


Retrieves a collection of the available key binding scopes.


Retrieves the name of a key binding scope.

GetOpenFileNameViaDlgEx2(VSOPENFILENAMEW[], String, String)

Brings up the File Open dialog box to obtain a specified open file.

GetThemedColor(Guid, String, UInt32)

Gets the current RGBA value of a themed color. This method fails if the color does not exist.

ThemeDIBits(UInt32, Byte[], UInt32, UInt32, Boolean, UInt32)

Applies theming to BGRA32 device-independent bitmap bits. The luminosity of the image is transformed so that the constant "halo" luminosity blends in with the background. This has the effect of eliminating the halo visually. The "halo" luminosity is an immutable constant, and is not calculated from the input image. Images which contain cyan (#00FFFF) in their top-right pixel are not inverted. Instead, the top-right pixel is cleared (RGBA are all set to 0) and S_OK is returned without otherwise modifying the image.


Apply the VS-theme to the specified window, for supported window classes.

Extension Methods

GetThemedColorRgba(IVsUIShell5, ThemeResourceKey)

Gets a uint VS_RGBA value from the current theme for the given color key. The returned value ha the red channel in the low byte to the alpha channel in the high byte.

GetThemedGDIColor(IVsUIShell5, ThemeResourceKey)

Gets a System.Drawing.Color value from the current theme for the given color key.

GetThemedWPFColor(IVsUIShell5, ThemeResourceKey)

Gets a System.Windows.Media.Color value from the current theme for the given color key.

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