IVsWindowSearch Interface


Implemented by a window that wants to have searchable content. The search host will call this interface to initiate the search or obtain search options. When the interface is implemented by a tool window on the IVsWindowPane class or on VSFPROPID_ViewHelper, it will be called by shell on SearchEnabled to check if the search is enabled for the tool window. The shell will automatically set up a search host associated with the window, using the default placement for the search control in the shell frame/toolbar area.

public interface class IVsWindowSearch
public interface class IVsWindowSearch
__interface IVsWindowSearch
public interface IVsWindowSearch
public interface IVsWindowSearch
type IVsWindowSearch = interface
type IVsWindowSearch = interface
Public Interface IVsWindowSearch


For an example, see Adding Search to a Tool Window.



Gets the GUID of the search provider. For a tool window search provider, if the category is not returned the tool window guid will be used by default.


Determines whether the search should be enabled for the window.


Returns an interface that can be used to enumerate search filters.


Allows the window search host to obtain overridable search options.



Clears the search result, for example, after the user has cleared the content of the search edit box.

CreateSearch(UInt32, IVsSearchQuery, IVsSearchCallback)

Creates a new search task object. The task is cold-started - Start() needs to be called on the task object to begin the search.

OnNavigationKeyDown(UInt32, UInt32)

Allows the window to preview some keydown events that can be used to navigate between the search results or take action on them


Allows the window search host to obtain overridable search options.

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