ErrorRank Enum


Value that indicates the rank of an in the error list (errors with a lower rank are, by default, displayed before errors with a higher rank).

public enum class ErrorRank
public enum class ErrorRank
enum ErrorRank
public enum ErrorRank
type ErrorRank = 
Public Enum ErrorRank


Declaration 200

Declaration error rank.

Emit 400

Emit error rank.

Lexical 0

Lexical error rank.

Other 2147483647

Other error rank.

PostBuild 500

PostBuild error rank.

Semantic 300

Semantic error rank.

Syntactic 100

Syntactic error rank.


Base type for the value returned when calling TryGetValue(String, Object) and TryGetValue(Int32, String, Object) using the ErrorRank key.

It is better, for performance reasons, to return values that have been boxed when returning though an out object. You can find boxed equivalents of these values in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.TableManager.Boxes.

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