IViewElementFactoryService Interface


A service for converting from data objects to their platform specific UI representation.

public interface class IViewElementFactoryService
public interface IViewElementFactoryService
type IViewElementFactoryService = interface
Public Interface IViewElementFactoryService


internal IViewElementFactoryService viewElementFactoryService;


This is a MEF service that can be obtained via the ImportAttribute in a MEF exported class.

The editor supports ClassifiedTextElements, ContainerElement, ImageElements, and Object on all platforms. Text and image elements are converted to colorized text and images respectively and other objects are displayed as the String returned by ToString() unless an extender exports a IViewElementFactory for that type.

On Windows only, ITextBuffer, ITextView, and UIElement are also directly supported.


CreateViewElement<TView>(ITextView, Object)

Converts model into an equivalent object of type TView.

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