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ObjectState Enum


Specifies the running state of an IIS object.

public enum class ObjectState
public enum ObjectState
type ObjectState = 
Public Enum ObjectState


Started 1

The Site, ApplicationPool, or WorkerProcess object has started.

Starting 0

The object is in the process of starting.

Stopped 3

The object has stopped.

Stopping 2

The object is in the process of stopping.

Unknown 4

The object is in an unknown state.


A number of properties in the IIS 7 SDK get values from this enumeration. For example, the Microsoft.Web.Administration.Site.State property determines the running state of a Site object, the Microsoft.Web.Administration.ApplicationPool.State property determines the state of an ApplicationPool object, and the Microsoft.Web.Administration.WorkerProcess.State property determines the state of a WorkerProcess object.

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