RecyclingLogEventOnRecycle Enum


Defines the reasons for application pool recycling that will cause IIS to log an event.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class RecyclingLogEventOnRecycle
public enum RecyclingLogEventOnRecycle
type RecyclingLogEventOnRecycle = 
Public Enum RecyclingLogEventOnRecycle


ConfigChange 64

Application pool configuration changes have been made.

IsapiUnhealthy 16

An ISAPI extension has not responded to a health-monitoring request.

Memory 8

A used or virtual memory limit that is specified in the Memory property has been reached. A default value.

None 0

No reason is specified for the recycle.

OnDemand 32

An administrator has manually triggered a recycle.

PrivateMemory 128

Private memory has reached the amount specified in the PrivateMemory property. A default value.

Requests 2

The number of requests specified in the Requests property has been reached.

Schedule 4

A scheduled recycle specified in the Schedule has occurred.

Time 1

The time specified in the Time property has elapsed since the last recycle. A default value.


The Microsoft.Web.Administration.ApplicationPoolRecycling.LogEventOnRecycle property uses the values of this enumeration to specify the logging behavior of a recycling application pool.

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