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DeploymentObjectAttributeKind Enum


Defines a set of flags that are used to provide information about attributes.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class DeploymentObjectAttributeKind
public enum DeploymentObjectAttributeKind
type DeploymentObjectAttributeKind = 
Public Enum DeploymentObjectAttributeKind


CaseInsensitiveCompare 2

Indicates that the source and destination attribute values should be compared without consideration of letter casing.

ExpandEnvironmentVariables 8

Indicates that the attribute should expand environment variables.

IgnoreOnCompare 1

Indicates that an attribute should be ignored when comparing against another object.

None 0

Indicates that no attribute flags are used.

SecureAttribute 4

Indicates that an attribute is secure and may contain sensitive information.


The DeploymentObjectAttributeKind enumeration is used when comparing source and destination deployment objects. These flags provide additional information about the attribute to provide direction in the comparison operation.

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