FileDialog.CustomPlaces Property


Gets or sets the list of custom places for file dialog boxes.

 property System::Collections::Generic::IList<Microsoft::Win32::FileDialogCustomPlace ^> ^ CustomPlaces { System::Collections::Generic::IList<Microsoft::Win32::FileDialogCustomPlace ^> ^ get(); void set(System::Collections::Generic::IList<Microsoft::Win32::FileDialogCustomPlace ^> ^ value); };
public System.Collections.Generic.IList<Microsoft.Win32.FileDialogCustomPlace> CustomPlaces { get; set; }
member this.CustomPlaces : System.Collections.Generic.IList<Microsoft.Win32.FileDialogCustomPlace> with get, set
Public Property CustomPlaces As IList(Of FileDialogCustomPlace)

Property Value

The list of custom places.


Starting in Windows Vista, open and save file dialog boxes have a Favorite Links panel on the left side of the dialog box that allows the user to quickly navigate to a different location. These links are called custom places. This property allows you to modify the list that appears when your application uses a file dialog box.

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