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InvokeMethod.Result Property


The return value of the method operation.

 property System::Activities::OutArgument ^ Result { System::Activities::OutArgument ^ get(); void set(System::Activities::OutArgument ^ value); };
public System.Activities.OutArgument Result { get; set; }
member this.Result : System.Activities.OutArgument with get, set
Public Property Result As OutArgument

Property Value

The operation's return value.


The following code sample demonstrates setting the Result property of an InvokeMethod activity. This example is from the Using the InvokeMethod Activity sample.

new InvokeMethod<int>
    TargetObject = new InArgument<TestClass>(ctx => testClass),
    MethodName = "InstanceMethodWithResult",
    Parameters =
        new InArgument<int>(20),
        new InArgument<int>(22)
    Result = resultValue

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