Parallel.CompletionCondition Property


Evaluates after any branch completes.

 property System::Activities::Activity<bool> ^ CompletionCondition { System::Activities::Activity<bool> ^ get(); void set(System::Activities::Activity<bool> ^ value); };
public System.Activities.Activity<bool> CompletionCondition { get; set; }
member this.CompletionCondition : System.Activities.Activity<bool> with get, set
Public Property CompletionCondition As Activity(Of Boolean)

Property Value


The completion expression.



The following code sample demonstrates setting the CompletionCondition property of a Parallel activity. This example is from the Cancellation Handler on Compensable Activity sample.

return new Parallel
    // Timeout from branch causes other branch to cancel.
    CompletionCondition = true,

    Branches =
        // Delay Branch
        new Sequence
            Activities =
                new WriteLine { Text = "Branch1: Body is about to Delay 2secs transferring execution to Branch2" },
                new Delay
                    Duration = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2)
                new WriteLine { Text = "Branch1: Body is about to complete causing Branch2 to cancel.." },


If this property evaluates to true, then the other scheduled elements in the Branches collection are canceled. If this property is not set, all Activity objects in the Branches collection execute until completion.

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