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While.Body Property


The Activity to execute in the While loop.

 property System::Activities::Activity ^ Body { System::Activities::Activity ^ get(); void set(System::Activities::Activity ^ value); };
public System.Activities.Activity Body { get; set; }
member this.Body : System.Activities.Activity with get, set
Public Property Body As Activity

Property Value

The activity to execute.



The following code sample demonstrates setting the Body property of a While activity.

new While
    Condition = true,
    Body = new Receive
        ServiceContractName = Constants.POContractName,
        OperationName = Constants.UpdatePOName,
        CorrelatesWith = poidHandle, // identifies that the UpdatePO operation is waiting on the PurchaseOrderId that was used to initialize this handle
        CorrelatesOn = new MessageQuerySet // the query that is used on an incoming message to find the requisite PurchaseOrderId specified in the correlation
            // Id is the name of the incoming parameter within the PurchaseOrder
            { "PoId", new XPathMessageQuery("sm:body()/defns:PurchaseOrder/defns:Id", Constants.XPathMessageContext) }
        Content = ReceiveContent.Create(new OutArgument<PurchaseOrder>(po)) // creates a ReceiveMessageContent

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