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AppDomainManager.ApplicationActivator Property


Gets the application activator that handles the activation of add-ins and manifest-based applications for the domain.

 virtual property System::Runtime::Hosting::ApplicationActivator ^ ApplicationActivator { System::Runtime::Hosting::ApplicationActivator ^ get(); };
public virtual System.Runtime.Hosting.ApplicationActivator ApplicationActivator { get; }
member this.ApplicationActivator : System.Runtime.Hosting.ApplicationActivator
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property ApplicationActivator As ApplicationActivator

Property Value

The application activator.


There is a single designated instance of the ApplicationActivator class in each AppDomain to which all add-in and manifest-based application activation calls are routed. The AppDomainManager for the current AppDomain can provide its own custom ApplicationActivator, or an instance of the default ApplicationActivator is created.

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