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Collection<T>.IList.Item[Int32] Property


Gets or sets the element at the specified index.

property System::Object ^ System::Collections::IList::Item[int] { System::Object ^ get(int index); void set(int index, System::Object ^ value); };
object System.Collections.IList.Item[int index] { get; set; }
object? System.Collections.IList.Item[int index] { get; set; }
member this.System.Collections.IList.Item(int) : obj with get, set
 Property Item(index As Integer) As Object Implements IList.Item



The zero-based index of the element to get or set.

Property Value

The element at the specified index.



index is not a valid index in the IList.

The property is set and value is of a type that is not assignable to the IList.


This property provides the ability to access a specific element in the collection by using the following syntax: myCollection[index].

The C# language uses the this keyword to define the indexers instead of implementing the IList.Item[] property. Visual Basic implements IList.Item[] as a default property, which provides the same indexing functionality.

Retrieving the value of this property is an O(1) operation; setting the property is also an O(1) operation.

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