BasicDesignerLoader.ReloadOptions Enum


Defines the behavior of the Reload(BasicDesignerLoader+ReloadOptions) method. These flags can be combined using the bitwise OR operator.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

protected: enum class BasicDesignerLoader::ReloadOptions
protected enum BasicDesignerLoader.ReloadOptions
Protected Enum BasicDesignerLoader.ReloadOptions


Default 0

The designer loader flushes changes before reloading, but it does not force a reload, and it also does not set the Modified property to true if load errors occur.

Force 2

The designer loader forces the reload to occur. Normally, a reload occurs only if the IsReloadNeeded() method returns true. This flag bypasses calling this method and always performs the reload.

ModifyOnError 1

The designer loader will set the Modified property to true if load errors occur. This flag is useful if you want a flush of the loader to overwrite persistent state that had errors.

NoFlush 4

The designer loader abandons any changes before reloading.

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