ICodeDomDesignerReload Interface


Provides an interface that can be used to optimize the reloading of a designer.

public interface class ICodeDomDesignerReload
public interface ICodeDomDesignerReload
type ICodeDomDesignerReload = interface
Public Interface ICodeDomDesignerReload


A CodeDomProvider can implement this interface to support optimized reloading by the designer. When a designer reparses a file for display, it can use this interface to improve performance.

To support this performance optimization method, the designer can pass a CodeCompileUnit that represents the document code to the ShouldReloadDesigner method. ShouldReloadDesigner returns a value that indicates whether the code has changed and typically, whether your code should reload the designer. Otherwise, it is unnecessary to spend time reloading the designer.



Indicates whether the designer should reload in order to import the specified compile unit correctly.

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