TypeConverter.SimplePropertyDescriptor.ShouldSerializeValue(Object) Method


Returns whether the value of this property can persist.

 override bool ShouldSerializeValue(System::Object ^ component);
public override bool ShouldSerializeValue (object component);
override this.ShouldSerializeValue : obj -> bool
Public Overrides Function ShouldSerializeValue (component As Object) As Boolean



The component with the property that is to be examined for persistence.


true if the value of the property can persist; otherwise, false.


As implemented in this class, this method returns false.

Notes to Inheritors

When overridden in a derived class, this method returns true if the current value of the property is different from its default value. It looks for a default value by first looking for a DefaultValueAttribute. If the method finds this attribute, it compares the value of the attribute with the current value of the property. If this method cannot find a DefaultValueAttribute, it looks for a ShouldSerializeMyProperty method. If this method finds a ShouldSerializeMyProperty method, it invokes it. If this method cannot find a DefaultValueAttribute or a ShouldSerializeMyProperty method, it cannot create optimizations and it returns true.

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