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ConfigurationElement.EvaluationContext Property


Gets the ContextInformation object for the ConfigurationElement object.

 property System::Configuration::ContextInformation ^ EvaluationContext { System::Configuration::ContextInformation ^ get(); };
protected System.Configuration.ContextInformation EvaluationContext { get; }
member this.EvaluationContext : System.Configuration.ContextInformation
Protected ReadOnly Property EvaluationContext As ContextInformation

Property Value

The ContextInformation for the ConfigurationElement.


The current element is not associated with a context.


A ContextInformation object provides the context necessary for a ConfigurationElement object to make decisions based upon where it is being evaluated.

The ContextInformation object provides environment details related to an element of the configuration. For example, you can use the IsMachineLevel property to determine whether a ConfigurationElement was set in Machine.config, or you can determine which hierarchy a ConfigurationElement element belongs to by using the HostingContext property.

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