DbDataSourceEnumerator.GetDataSources Method


Retrieves a DataTable containing information about all visible instances of the server represented by the strongly typed instance of this class.

 abstract System::Data::DataTable ^ GetDataSources();
public abstract System.Data.DataTable GetDataSources ();
abstract member GetDataSources : unit -> System.Data.DataTable
Public MustOverride Function GetDataSources () As DataTable



A DataTable containing information about the visible instances of the associated data source.


The table returned by this method contains the following columns, all of which contain strings. Individual providers may add additional columns.

Column ordinal Column Description
0 ServerName Name of the server.
1 InstanceName Name of the server instance. Depending on the provider, multiple instances can exist on a single server.
2 IsClustered Indicates whether the server is part of a cluster.
3 Version Version of the server. Exact format varies by provider.
4 FactoryName Name of the corresponding provider factory.

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