DbProviderFactories.GetFactoryClasses Method


Returns a DataTable that contains information about all installed providers that implement DbProviderFactory.

 static System::Data::DataTable ^ GetFactoryClasses();
public static System.Data.DataTable GetFactoryClasses ();
static member GetFactoryClasses : unit -> System.Data.DataTable
Public Shared Function GetFactoryClasses () As DataTable



A DataTable containing DataRow objects that contain the following data:

Column ordinal Column name Description
0 **Name** Human-readable name for the data provider.
1 **Description** Human-readable description of the data provider.
2 **InvariantName** Name that can be used programmatically to refer to the data provider.
3 **AssemblyQualifiedName** Fully qualified name of the factory class, which contains enough information to instantiate the object.

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