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ConflictOption Enum


Specifies how conflicting changes to the data source will be detected and resolved.

public enum class ConflictOption
public enum ConflictOption
type ConflictOption = 
Public Enum ConflictOption


CompareAllSearchableValues 1

Update and delete statements will include all searchable columns from the table in the WHERE clause. This is equivalent to specifying CompareAllValuesUpdate | CompareAllValuesDelete.

CompareRowVersion 2

If any Timestamp columns exist in the table, they are used in the WHERE clause for all generated update statements. This is equivalent to specifying CompareRowVersionUpdate | CompareRowVersionDelete.

OverwriteChanges 3

All update and delete statements include only PrimaryKey columns in the WHERE clause. If no PrimaryKey is defined, all searchable columns are included in the WHERE clause. This is equivalent to OverwriteChangesUpdate | OverwriteChangesDelete.

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