DataRelation.ChildTable Property


Gets the child table of this relation.

 virtual property System::Data::DataTable ^ ChildTable { System::Data::DataTable ^ get(); };
public virtual System.Data.DataTable ChildTable { get; }
member this.ChildTable : System.Data.DataTable
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property ChildTable As DataTable

Property Value


A DataTable that is the child table of the relation.


The following example gets the child DataTable of a DataRelation.

Private Sub GetChildTable()
    ' Get a DataRelation of a DataSet.
    Dim relation As DataRelation = _

    ' Get the child DataTable of the relation.
    Dim table As DataTable = relation.ChildTable

    ' Print the name and number of rows of the child table.
    Console.Writeline("Name: {0} Rowcount: {1}", _
        table.TableName, table.Rows.Count.ToString())
End Sub

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