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Database.Initialize(Boolean) Method


Runs the the registered IDatabaseInitializer<TContext> on this context. If "force" is set to true, then the initializer is run regardless of whether or not it has been run before. This can be useful if a database is deleted while an app is running and needs to be reinitialized. If "force" is set to false, then the initializer is only run if it has not already been run for this context, model, and connection in this app domain. This method is typically used when it is necessary to ensure that the database has been created and seeded before starting some operation where doing so lazily will cause issues, such as when the operation is part of a transaction.

public void Initialize (bool force);
member this.Initialize : bool -> unit
Public Sub Initialize (force As Boolean)



If set to true the initializer is run even if it has already been run.

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