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IDataReader.GetSchemaTable Method


Returns a DataTable that describes the column metadata of the IDataReader.

Returns null if the executed command returned no resultset, or after NextResult() returns false.

 System::Data::DataTable ^ GetSchemaTable();
public System.Data.DataTable? GetSchemaTable ();
public System.Data.DataTable GetSchemaTable ();
abstract member GetSchemaTable : unit -> System.Data.DataTable
Public Function GetSchemaTable () As DataTable


A DataTable that describes the column metadata.



The implementation of GetSchemaTable method for the .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB maps to the OLE DB IColumnsRowset::GetColumnsRowset method, while implementations for other .NET Framework data providers do not use an OLE DB provider layer. The order in which GetSchemaTable returns metadata about each column in a table, and the DataReader columns that are returned, vary depending on which data provider you use. The following table lists data providers and members that implement GetSchemaTable.

Data Provider Member
.NET Data Provider for ODBC OdbcDataReader.GetSchemaTable.
.NET Data Provider for OLE DB OleDbDataReader.GetSchemaTable.
.NET Data Provider for Oracle OracleDataReader.GetSchemaTable.
.NET Data Provider for SQL Server SqlDataReader.GetSchemaTable.

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