DataContext.CreateDatabase Method


Creates a database on the server.

 void CreateDatabase();
public void CreateDatabase ();
member this.CreateDatabase : unit -> unit
Public Sub CreateDatabase ()


The following code shows how to set up a temporary database and then remove it.

if (!db.DatabaseExists())
// …
If Not db.DatabaseExists Then
End If
' ...


The name of the database is derived by using the following algorithm:

  1. If a database is identified in the connection string, its name is used.
  2. If a DatabaseAttribute attribute is present, its Name property is used as the name of the database.
  3. If there is no database tag in the connection string and a strongly typed DataContext is used, a database that has the same name as the DataContext inheriting class is created.
  4. If a weakly typed DataContext is used, an exception is thrown.
  5. If the DataContext has been created by using a file name, the database corresponding to that file name is created.

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