DataContext.ExecuteDynamicInsert(Object) Method


Executes, inside insert override methods, to redelegate to LINQ to SQL the task of generating and executing dynamic SQL for insert operations.

protected public:
 void ExecuteDynamicInsert(System::Object ^ entity);
protected internal void ExecuteDynamicInsert (object entity);
member this.ExecuteDynamicInsert : obj -> unit
Protected Friend Sub ExecuteDynamicInsert (entity As Object)



The entity to be inserted.


Note the following considerations:

  • Because the method has a protected modifier, its use requires subclassing DataContext.

  • An exception is thrown if this operation is not called inside a SubmitChanges operation. It is not intended to be called as a stand-alone operation outside the scope of a SubmitChanges operation. SubmitChanges itself calls override methods if they are implemented and the previous methods are intended to be called inside the override methods.

  • It is the responsibility of the developer to pass in the correct entity. The implementation verifies that the passed-in entity is tracked. However, it is the responsibility of the developer to maintain the order or pass in the same entity two times.

  • It is the responsibility of the developer to invoke the correct dynamic API. For example, in the Update override method, only the ExecuteDynamicUpdate method can be called. LINQ to SQL does not detect or verify whether the invoked dynamic method matches the applicable operation. The results are undefined if an inapplicable method is called (for example, calling ExecuteDynamicDelete for an object to be updated).

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