ParameterTypeSemantics Enum


Specifies the type semantics that are used to resolve the function overloads. Each store provider must use these enumeration flags in the provider manifest file for every function definition.

public enum class ParameterTypeSemantics
public enum ParameterTypeSemantics
type ParameterTypeSemantics = 
Public Enum ParameterTypeSemantics


AllowImplicitConversion 0

A flag indicating the implicit conversion between the given and the formal argument types. This is the default conversion type.

AllowImplicitPromotion 1

A flag indicating the type promotion between the given and the formal argument types.

ExactMatchOnly 2

A flag indicating the usage of strict equivalence only.


The ParameterTypeSemantics class specifies type semantics for promotability, implicit conversion, and explicit conversion for the provider primitive types. ADO.NET reads this information from the storage provider manifest file into the ParameterTypeSemantics class. Then, ADO.NET uses the ParameterTypeSemantics class to determine the appropriate function definitions based on the parameter types.

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