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OracleParameter.Offset Property


Gets or sets the offset to the Value property.

 property int Offset { int get(); void set(int value); };
public int Offset { get; set; }
member this.Offset : int with get, set
Public Property Offset As Integer

Property Value

The offset to the Value. The default is 0.



The following example creates a OracleParameter and sets some of its properties.

Public Sub CreateOracleParameter()  
   Dim parameter As New OracleParameter("pDName", OracleType.VarChar)  
   parameter.IsNullable = True  
   parameter.Offset = 3  
End Sub  
public void CreateOracleParameter()   
   OracleParameter parameter = new OracleParameter("pDName", OracleType.VarChar);  
   parameter.IsNullable = true;  
   parameter.Offset = 3;  


The Offset property is used for client-side chunking of binary and string data. For example, in order to insert 10MB of text into a column on a server, a user might execute 10 parameterized inserts of 1MB chunks, shifting the value of Offset on each iteration by 1MB.

Offset specifies the number of bytes for binary types, and the number of characters for strings. The count for strings does not include the terminating character.

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