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DataServiceContext.ResolveName Property


Gets or sets a function to override the default type resolution strategy used by the client library when you send entities to a data service.

 property Func<Type ^, System::String ^> ^ ResolveName { Func<Type ^, System::String ^> ^ get(); void set(Func<Type ^, System::String ^> ^ value); };
public Func<Type,string> ResolveName { get; set; }
member this.ResolveName : Func<Type, string> with get, set
Public Property ResolveName As Func(Of Type, String)

Property Value

Returns a string that contains the name of the DataServiceContext.


Enables override of the default type resolution used by the client library. Set this property to a delegate that identifies a function that is used to resolve a type in the client application to a namespace-qualified type name. This enables the client to perform custom mapping between the type name provided in a response from the server and a type on the client.


This method enables override of the entity name that is serialized to the target representation, such as Atom or JSON, for the specified type.

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