SqlConnectionStringBuilder.TransparentNetworkIPResolution Property


When the value of this key is set to true, the application is required to retrieve all IP addresses for a particular DNS entry and attempt to connect with the first one in the list. If the connection is not established within 0.5 seconds, the application will try to connect to all others in parallel. When the first answers, the application will establish the connection with the respondent IP address.

 property bool TransparentNetworkIPResolution { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool TransparentNetworkIPResolution { get; set; }
member this.TransparentNetworkIPResolution : bool with get, set
Public Property TransparentNetworkIPResolution As Boolean

Property Value


A boolean value.


If the MultiSubnetFailover key is set to true, TransparentNetworkIPResolution is ignored.

If the Failover Partner key is set, TransparentNetworkIPResolution is ignored.

The value of this key must be true, false, yes, or no.

A value of yes is treated the same as a value of true.

A value of no is treated the same as a value of false.

This key defaults to false when:

  • Connecting to Azure SQL Database where the data source ends with:

    • .database.chinacloudapi.cn

    • .database.usgovcloudapi.net

    • .database.cloudapi.de

    • .database.windows.net

  • Authentication is 'Active Directory Password' or 'Active Directory Integrated'

Otherwise it defaults to true.

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