XmlWriteMode Enum


Specifies how to write XML data and a relational schema from a DataSet.

public enum class XmlWriteMode
public enum XmlWriteMode
type XmlWriteMode = 
Public Enum XmlWriteMode


DiffGram 2

Writes the entire DataSet as a DiffGram, including original and current values. To generate a DiffGram containing only changed values, call GetChanges(), and then call WriteXml(Stream) as a DiffGram on the returned DataSet.

IgnoreSchema 1

Writes the current contents of the DataSet as XML data, without an XSD schema. If no data is loaded into the DataSet, nothing is written.

WriteSchema 0

Writes the current contents of the DataSet as XML data with the relational structure as inline XSD schema. If the DataSet has only a schema with no data, only the inline schema is written. If the DataSet does not have a current schema, nothing is written.


Use the members of this enumeration when setting the WriteMode parameter of the WriteXml method.

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